Steven White



I first got the magic bug when my parents bought me the Fisher Price Magic Show for my 4th birthday. In 1996 I became one of the very first members of The Young Magician's Club (TMC) and subsequently, in 1999 I became one of a select few magicians to be inducted, via audition, into the world renowned Magic Circle.

Whether you need an ice breaker for a wedding or some evening entertainment over cocktails, you are guaranteed to witness elite sleight of hand skill and mastery of psychological deception that continues to astound, perplex and delight audiences around the world...


I was asked by Thomas Cook to design some magic to help promote their Chinese New Year App. The app uses your birthdate to discover your spirit animal, I however, use magic!

Ridley Scott's agency RSA Films asked me to perform some card stunts with train tickets for their ad for William Hill


Please drop me an email if you would like to discuss your event!